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Women Hairstyle in 1980

1980s were the years of quite confusion especially so far hairstyle is concerned because all hairstyles of males and females were more or less same with the difference of hair length only. Funnily this hair length difference was totally opposite to what we have observing throughout our lives as women used to have small hairs while man used to have large ones.

Women hairstyle in 1980 was quite funky and was literally a subject to laugh upon. I always laugh when I see pictures of that time when actually hairstyles used to look like a targeted place of bomb explosion rather than a hairstyle. Women used to have bob and small hairs with perm work done and a quite heavy curl and perm work on the central head facing to sky. Bangs were common on those perm hairs. Bi leveled or mullet hairstyle was much common in 1980 for women in which both sides were shortened and the back hairs were given liberty to either get the curls, straights or perms in longer length. Women also used to have shorter hairs on back while long hairs in shape of heavy curls and perms on both sides. Hairsprays, gels and blow dryers had their real market launching in 1980s when they were vastly seen used on both males and females to give their hairstyle a smoothen look.

Women Hairstyle in 1980

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