Choppy Haircut – Men’s Hairstyles For Medium Hair + VIDEO Google

November 29th, 2012

Hello everyone, we will cut a Choppy Haircut with video

If you are looking for changing your design you may want to first take a look at your hairstyle. When determining on what new hair style to get compose a record of what your overall design objective is. Do you want to be fresh cut and expert or would you rather have a more comfortable and modern vibe? Method uneven hairstyles are flexible and can offer very different looks according to the real design you embrace.

Eighties Hairstyles (1980) Google

November 21st, 2012

Eighties Hairstyles (1980)

Eighties Hairstyles 1980 41 244x300 Eighties Hairstyles (1980)

There are many different hairstyles popping up these days. But the problem is that the main goal is to just find a new style, they don’t care about beauty and style. For that reason a bit of nostalgia can’t hurt, like 80′s. Nostalgic hairstyles can also be stylish even if we are in 21st century. Obviously you are not going to take the exact same model in the 80′s, we are going to add some more style which will make 80′s hairstyles to look modern. We are going to modernize two of 80′s hairstyles. These are, Crimpled Looks and Curls. Let’s get started.

Eighties Hairstyles 1980 55 244x300 Eighties Hairstyles (1980)

Crimped Locks was very popular in the 80′s, so popular that even now you can buy crimping irons to make Crimped Locks. First, you need to get rid of frizzs and you need to keep your locks down and loose. If you want to look like someone from 80′s you can go with half updo or ponytail, but if you want to live in 21st century you can put down the scrunchie.

Eighties Hairstyles 1980 34 244x300 Eighties Hairstyles (1980)

Curls was like a trademark of 80′s, until then they adapted this curls in to most of the hairstyles to date. You can use hair rollers and curling iron to make your hair curly. To modernize it, just like in Crimped Locks, you need to get rid of frizzs. To make it seem just like 80′s you can also add some volume. You decide, do you want to modernize 80′s hairstyles or use 80′s hairstyles just the way they were by doing some little modifications.

Eighties 1980 Hairstyles

1980 hairstyles

Cristiano Ronaldo Side Cut Hairstyle 2012 (video) Google

November 18th, 2012

Hello guys, we going to make cut a Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hairstyle with videos. Happy enjoying.. icon smile Cristiano Ronaldo Side Cut Hairstyle 2012 (video)

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle 2012 Cristiano Ronaldo Side Cut Hairstyle 2012 (video)


Or this video:

Cristiano Ronaldo Side Cut Hairstyle 2012 Cristiano Ronaldo Side Cut Hairstyle 2012 (video)

Cristiano Ronaldo Side Cut Hairstyle 2012

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle Cristiano Ronaldo Side Cut Hairstyle 2012 (video)

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle

Party Kind Hairstyles Google

October 29th, 2012

Party kind hair styles are very important these days for teenagers, because they are always partying. The important part in joining parties is to avoid monotonous hairstyles and clothes but we are obviously stick with hairstyles. Every girl tries something new with her hair but clearly not every one of them becomes success. We are going to discuss three different options that you can choose to avoid monotone.

girl hairstyle Party Kind Hairstyles

Volume and Texture is the first option. Adding volume to your hair is a great way to both avoiding monotone and to get get in the party atmosphere. And if you want to get everyone’s attention on you at the party, you can use some texture and some soft curls.

Party Hairtyle Party Kind Hairstyles

Updo is the second option. Updo is different from Volume and Texture. Because if the party you are attending is sophisticated, you need a elaborate updo with delicate styling but if the party you are attending is not big on sophistication you can go with just pulling all of your strands up to clear your face from hair which makes dancing alot more easy and fun.

hairstyle model Party Kind Hairstyles

Hair color is the third and the last option. Changing hair color is a great and obvious way to avoid monotone. And you don’t have to change your hair color completely, you can just use temporary sprays, just for the party. By this way you can go with a wild pink hair color to party and go to work/school with your usual hair color in Monday.


David Beckham Faux Hawk Hairstyle Design (video) Google

July 18th, 2012

Hello dear members of That’s footballer David Beckham’s Hairstyle.

 David Beckham Hairstyle Design

David Beckham David Beckham Faux Hawk Hairstyle Design (video)

video is there:

And the second David Beckham Hairstyle Design video:

David Beckham Faux Hawk Hairstyle Design (video)

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